Advanced Eidetic Corporation is DATA

Harness-DATA-sunset-fallsAdvanced Eidetic Corporation is DATA: Discipline, Applications, Tools, and Attitude, It helps entrepreneurs and small to medium enterprises build their success from its curated products and services.

Advanced Eidetic Corporation was established in 2005, as a Delaware Corporation, and is a private company providing application software development, computer programmers, computer systems, hardware development,  and Internet business development. It is categorized under Data Processing Consultant, Manufacturing Computer Systems, and Project Management. Advanced Eidetic Corporation makes your eidetic vision.

Advanced Eidetic Corporation is DATAOur UniSkyUSA partnered with the SkyWay Investment Group to bring SkyWay technology to the U.S.A. SkyWay Technology is innovative mounted and suspended wheeled vehicles operating above the ground with the infrastructure of modern rail and string elevated structures. Divided into classes, ultra-lightweight, lightweight, medium-weight, heavyweight and super-heavyweight, SkyWay can be low-speed (up to 62 mph), fast (up to 124 mph) high-speed (up to 186 mph), super high-speed (up to 248 mph) and hyper-speed (up to 310 mph).

Advanced Eidetic Corporation’s AEC Network helps new entrepreneurial businesses not to fail within eighteen months. Unfortunately, eight out of ten of them fail by not staying in touch with their customers. All customers hold the key to success. AEC Network shows how to understand buyer pain, behavior, dreams, values, and how your business can get it done.

Markets are conversations with real customers and dialog is key. Figure out the true unique value that you bring to the table. Stand out from others in the marketplace. Learn how to communicate better.

Our AECServices is an increase in efficiencies and a reduction in costs to provide you a growth in revenue, within the budget and logistical constraints of Small and Medium Enterprise (SME). Our DATA approach provides flexible and scalable SME Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) benefit solutions.

Advanced Eidetic Corporation is DATAA business of one or 1,000. Think and move quickly, ‘fail fast’ if you’re going to fail at all, and nail your business model. Advanced Eidetic Corporation is DATA, with the most cost-effective and prudent plan to make your eidetic vision.

Advanced Eidetic Corporation is about DATACarroll Glass, President – Mr. Glass is a co-founder and visionary behind the Corporation’s technology. Carroll has over twenty-five years experience in providing a strategic direction, product marketing, sales management, computer systems administration, control systems development, and IT contracting. Prior to forming Advanced Eidetic Corporation, Mr. Glass held senior positions with Masstor Systems, General Electric Company, and E-Systems, Inc.

VLL_HeadVladimir Lozovsky, Chief Marketing Officer, is a key member of the senior management team. Vladimir has over twenty years marketing and sales experience. Prior to heading the Company’s outsourcing, Mr. Lozovsky founded VGL Softech, was a principle with Tryst Technologies and worked with Bank of America.

Advanced Eidetic Corporation is DATA, a full-service provider, that is accessible from the one-man shop to the SME of 1,500 employees and $38.5 million in average receipts to help its DATA build their commercial goals into profitable action from our curated products and services.

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